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If I could give a 10 stars I would!! I cannot thank Home Savers Community Group and Monica enough. I had two really big issues with two different properties, one in LA and the other in Chicago. Both with property tax issues and one in foreclosure. I inherited both of the properties and had no idea how difficult it would be to maintain both properties. I reached out to this company for help and they were able to close both loans before the property tax sale. I am forever grateful I was able to keep my family properties. I would highly recommend them!

C. Siah

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Very honestly at times we find ourselves in situations that we don't know how how we're going to find our way out. Monica and her team 13 we're life savers lifesavers and new exactly you exactly how they could help me. My situation was complicated but Monica but Monica took the time and helped me through every process and help me to understand each step. They were always professional always empathetic and always helpful.

A. Lopez

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I don’t have words to appreciate all the help Monica and her team have us we literally had a month to pay our back taxes or lose our house it was down to the day but Monica made it happen you guys are life savers home savers lol god bless you guys and thank you I highly recommend giving them a call if you find yourself in a mess with your property taxes they will help you.

Jami S

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I found this company online to help my parents pay their past due property taxes. Unfortunately my family had it really rough the past few years and property taxes were the last thing on our minds. We went to Home Savers Community Group and got a property tax loan. The process took 3 weeks and my family home was no longer up for auction sale! I also referred them to my family in Illinois and they were able to help them as well. Thank you to Monica and Tiffany!

I. Carmona

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I used Home Savers to pay my past due property taxes. I searched for YEARS to find someone to help me keep my home while the tax collector was trying to take my home. The process was much faster than I thought. Of course I waited to the last minute but they got it done. Take some advice and take care of your taxes ahead of time to avoid additional stress. Now I’m finally back on track. I highly recommend them.

A. Anderson

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Tiffany and Monica are absolute angels! My property taxes were sold to the highest bidder and I had 6 months to pay the taxes in full which was absolutely no way possible. I'm an elderly man on a fixed income and was going to be homeless if this was not paid. A friend referred me to Home Savers Community Group and my taxes were paid in 2 weeks. They gave me low manageable payments for my income to pay back the loan. I cant describe how I feel, I'm in tears writing this review. If you need help with paying your property taxes give this company a call.

N. Telsa

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Home Savers Community Group saved my childhood home from tax auction.  My county tax collector had mis calculated my tax payments for years and at the last minute said it was my fault.  When I refused to pay because I could not afford it they sold my taxes to a third party in a tax sale.  I went everywhere looking for help and all everybody wanted to do was kick me out my house.  Home Savers offered another option to help me stay in my home. For that I am forever grateful.

Barbara H - Saint Louis, MO

“The level of service at HOME SAVERS is fantastic. I was over a year behind on my mortgage payment. I lost my job and was unable to make my payment. I tried multiple times to work with my lender and I got nowhere. Home Savers saved my home and got me a payment I can afford to make." 

Larry G


“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Home Savers was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”

Staci L - El Paso, TX


"I called several companies in search for assistance in reducing my monthly payment. I couldn't refinance because my credit was horrible. This company was great and returned my calls all the time. I appreciate the compassion Monica had for me and my family.

Michael H - San Diego, CA


"My refinance was completed last week. It took longer than I expected. My lender did not make it easy, but the good news is I saved 600 a month and the ladies at this company kept me informed the through the entire process and were very pleasant to work with. If you need help with getting out of foreclosure, this is the company to get it done for you"

Derrick K - Riverdale, GA

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